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Triple P Video Titles Management, Activations & Keys - Admin Panel & API

Empowering Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) to monetize their video platform, I delivered a custom Laravel solution with a sleek administration panel and a reliable API, enabling secure access control and seamless video content management within a challenging three-week timeframe.
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Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) approached my client, Invision Media, who were producing a number of videos for Triple P with the challenge of developing an API and associated administrator panel that could authenticate to a video player to determine who can access what videos, based on data setup in the admin panel. The primary goal was to monetise their video platform and manage usage.


  1. Fast Turnaround: Triple P required a fast turnaround of just three weeks from sign-off to develop both the administration panel, and API that the video player will interface with.

  2. Integration Complexity: Developing the API that interfaces with their video player with unknowns of how they plan to use the API posed a significant technical challenge.

  3. Support Multiple Languages: Multilingual titles would be used in the website, so the system must correctly handle encoding of language accent characters.


  1. Strategic Planning: I conducted a comprehensive planning session with the Triple P team to gain an understanding of their business case and technical implementation to develop a tailored plan for the new API and administration panel.

  2. Custom Laravel Development: I designed and developed using PHP Laravel, a sleek, user-friendly administration panel that allowed the Triple P team to manage manifests, set activation limits, manage users, and a reliable API that their video player would call to login & activate, provide a heartbeat, get active manifests, and send usage logs to.

  3. Swagger Documentation: To ensure a seamless handover, we provided API documentation via Swagger with request and response examples, and available error codes, to ensure their development team would have enough information to seamlessly integrate in the short timeframe available.


  1. Modern User Experience: The new administration panel provided a modern, intuitive interface, resulting in easy onboarding for the client to manage their data.

  2. Increased Sales: The ability for their video player to interface with the API meant that Triple P could monetise their video player for customers to activate to access purchased video content.

  3. Reliable API: The video player could rely on high availability from the API to ensure that their business can operate for many years to come from this application.

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