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All 4 Adventure Competition Website

Live the All 4 Adventure Dream is an exciting competition being run exclusively in conjunction with the telecast of All 4 Adventure giving viewers the chance to win $250K of prizes.
All 4 Adventure Competition - Announcement Page All 4 Adventure Competition - Competition Reporting Page All 4 Adventure Competition - Entries Page
  • All 4 Adventure Competition - Announcement Page
  • All 4 Adventure Competition - Competition Reporting Page
  • All 4 Adventure Competition - Entries Page


"Live the All 4 Adventure Dream" is an exhilarating competition associated with the telecast of All 4 Adventure on Channel 10. I've had the privilege of being the exclusive development partner, providing Laravel web development services to All 4 Adventure (through Invision Media) since 2017. Throughout this partnership, I have developed all their competition sites, including All4Adventure and Keys2Adventure, which collectively handle millions of entries and demand 100% uptime.


  1. Tight Deadline: The website build faced a tight deadline, requiring high-quality workmanship without any bugs to ensure timely marketing and the commencement of competition entries and payments.

  2. Scalability and Reliability: As the competition sites grew, maintaining scalability and 100% uptime became critical to handle the increasing number of entries.


  1. Timely Delivery: Working diligently to meet the tight deadline, I ensured that the website, payment gateway, and hosting environment were ready for marketing, enabling the commencement of competition payments.

  2. Scalable Architecture: The platform was built with scalability in mind, allowing for the seamless expansion of the competition sites as the need arose.

  3. Ongoing Development: Since the original website build, I have continued to collaborate with the team, consistently building on the existing platform each year to introduce new competitions.


  1. Successful Launch: The initial website build (and consecutive year updates) were successfully launched on time, meeting marketing deadlines and ensuring a smooth start to the competition.

  2. Continuous Uptime: The platform's robust architecture and ongoing maintenance efforts have maintained 100% uptime, even as the number of entries has increased over the years.

  3. Adaptability for Growth: The scalable nature of the platform allows for seamless adaptation to the growing demands of new competitions, ensuring a reliable and engaging experience for participants.

Services provided

Average Page Load
Successful Competitions
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3 months

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