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East Coast Bullbars B2B eCommerce Website

Providing an easy-to-use B2B eCommerce portal for their dealer customers to order online, synchronised with their internal ERP software.
ECB Product Page ECB Search Results Page ECB Dashboard
  • ECB Product Page
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East Coast Bullbars (ECB), Australia's leading Alloy Bullbar manufacturer since 1971, entrusted me as their exclusive web development partner. Appointed by AMA Group, their parent company at the time, their goal was to create a B2B eCommerce ordering portal that seamlessly integrated with their internal ERP system for the synchronisation of products, pricing, customers, invoices, and orders.


  1. Complex Integration: Integrating the ordering portal with the internal ERP system to synchronise diverse data sets, including products, pricing, orders, invoices, and customers, presented a significant technical challenge.

  2. B2B Specific Features: Developing a B2B eCommerce system with features like customer-based order approval systems, custom pricing rules, and real-time stock availability required a deep understanding of ECB's business processes.


  1. Technology Stack: Leveraging the Laravel, Vue, Bootstrap, and AWS technology stack, we ensured the new portal aligned with the latest technologies.

  2. Easy to use Interface: Both the administration panel and frontend was designed to be user-friendly, providing a smooth experience for ECB staff to view orders, manage users and more, while customers can search, browse & order through an intuitive interface.

  3. ERP Integration: Working with their ERP provider to develop web services that I could pull data from to enable a reliable data synchronisation.

  4. Key Features Implemented:

    • Multiple Domains & Brands: Facilitating a comprehensive online presence for ECB's diverse product range.
    • Order Approval Systems: Providing customers with the ability to approve, decline, edit, and receive reminders about their orders.
    • Custom Pricing Rules: Tailoring pricing based on individual customer profiles.
    • Search Functionality: Enabling users to search by vehicle or part number for a user-friendly experience.
    • Real-time Stock Availability: Ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for customers.
    • Customer Management: Allowing for the management of sub-customers, order history, and invoice history.
    • Quotes with SMS & Email Integration: Streamlining communication with customers through integrated quote systems.
    • Find a Dealer Map & Search: Enhancing accessibility for customers to locate dealers.
    • Technical SEO Audit & Implementation


  1. Efficient Order Processing: The integrated system streamlined order processing, reducing downtime and enhancing overall efficiency.

  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Features like real-time stock availability, custom pricing rules, and customer-based order approval systems improved the overall customer experience.

  3. Ongoing Web Development Partner: Ongoing development efforts and continuous improvement through the addition of new features and regular maintenance updates, ensure the B2B eCommerce website stays at the forefront of technology and security.

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