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Impact Office Supplies eCommerce Website (B2B & B2C)

Impact Office Supplies is Australia’s leading independent office supplies store, enabling Australia-wide businesses and communities to order your office supplies online with ease.
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Impact Office Supplies, a Queensland-owned office supplies company delivering nationwide, had the goal to improve their eCommerce site. I was chosen as their exclusive development partner to migrate from their existing Magento eCommerce site, which suffered many bugs, an unreliable sync to their internal ERP system, an outdated design, and poor user experience. The goal was to redesign and redevelop the site from scratch, introducing new features to enhance functionality and user satisfaction.


  1. Existing Site Issues: The old Magento site faced challenges such as bugs, unreliable ERP sync, and a poor user experience.

  2. Website Redesign: Executing a full redesign and development from scratch to address the shortcomings of the existing site.

  3. Technical Integration: Implementing seamless technical integration with the internal ERP system for real-time data synchronisation and nightly updates of over 10 million records with a 100% success rate.


  1. Strategic Planning: Conducting strategy sessions to identify required features and plan the technical integration of the ERP system.

  2. Custom Web Application: Developing a custom web application using the Laravel framework, enabling online ordering, payment processing, and nightly ERP synchronisation.

  3. Key Features Implemented:

    • Custom pricing per customer and product
    • Quantity pricing tiers
    • B2B and B2C pricing based on customer type
    • Persistent cart for users across devices
    • Algolia real-time product search
    • Westpac PayWay payment integration
    • Multiple customers per user
    • Online quote creation
    • Order approval systems
    • Online accounts payable
    • Recurring orders
    • Shipping cost calculator
    • Product wish lists
    • Machine Learning (ML) for product recommendations
    • Synchronisation of 10 million rows nightly
    • Real-time ERP data updates to the website
    • Technical SEO Audit & Implementation


  1. Enhanced User Experience: The redesigned site addressed the issues of the old Magento site, providing a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience.

  2. Increased Revenue, Average Order Value, and Reduced Bounce Rate: Through an improved website with faster page load speeds, better user experience, and more features, Impact saw a significant year-on-year increase of revenue and average order value (AOV) as a result of the website, with over 60% of their business orders coming through their website.

  3. Efficient Operations: The integration with the internal ERP system improved operations and reduced manual work, with automated nightly synchronisation and real-time updates ensuring integrity and reliability from a data perspective.

  4. Advanced Features: The introduction of advanced features such as custom pricing, real-time product search results with Algolia, order approval systems, and machine learning-based product recommendations enhanced the functionality of the site.

Services provided

“Digital Bird has had a huge influence on our business providing many solutions besides just a fantastic reliable website. Jonathan is great to work with and has a solution to every challenge.”
Jeff Ross
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