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Pasifika and Māori Health and Wellbeing Strategy Website

A website that provides online strategy updates, a services search engine and resources for local community service providers to support Pasifika and Maori peoples.


Brisbane South PHN, Metro South Health, and Children’s Health Queensland collaborated with local community service providers to create a unified approach in supporting Pasifika and Māori peoples to thrive. As the exclusive web development partner of Brisbane South PHN (BSPHN), I was entrusted to design, develop, and maintain the Pasifika and Māori Health and Wellbeing Strategy website. Collaborating with Malu Creative, a 100% Indigenous-owned and operated web design freelancer, we aimed to create a website that facilitates connections between local community members and Pasifika and Māori peoples through valuable resources, a services search engine, and strategy updates.


  1. Cultural Sensitivity: Ensuring a high-quality design branded around the Pasifika and Māori culture while respecting cultural sensitivities.

  2. Collaborative Development: Coordinating with Malu Creative for the web design component, maintaining a unified approach in the visual representation of the Pasifika and Māori Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


  1. Collaborative Discovery and Strategy: Working closely with stakeholders to understand project goals and design aspirations, laying the foundation for the development process.

  2. Content & Sitemap Focus: Prioritising content and page sitemap to build the website around the content, ensuring a user-centric approach.

  3. Wireframes and Layout: Creating wireframes based on the page structure and content, emphasising user flow and ease of use.

  4. Formal Sign-offs: Implementing formal sign-off processes for wireframes and design phases to ensure alignment with project goals.

  5. Cultural Design: Incorporating design inspiration from the discovery stage to create a culturally sensitive and visually appealing design.

  6. Custom Development: Developing the website from the signed-off design, implementing technical SEO for high rankings, and ensuring a seamless transition with 301 redirects from the old site.

  7. Thorough Testing: Conducting cross-browser, cross-device, and responsive testing to guarantee a consistent and bug-free user experience.

  8. Seamless Launch: Launching the website without downtime, ensuring a smooth transition for users.


  1. User-Centric Design: The website reflects a culturally sensitive and easy-to-use design, aligning with the Pasifika and Māori Health and Wellbeing Strategy goals.

  2. Resource Accessibility: Local community members can easily connect with Pasifika and Māori peoples through the provided resources and services search engine.

  3. Successful Collaboration: The partnership with Malu Creative ensured a cohesive and culturally respectful visual representation of the strategy.

Services provided

“Jonathan and the Digital Bird team go above and beyond for their clients. They have a knack for explaining complex technical web terms in plain English and are always responsive and accessible. It has been a pleasure working with them!”
Isobel Pritchard-Davies
Corporate Communications Lead
Brisbane South PHN Logo

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