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Rumble's Quest Child Wellbeing Measurement & Reporting Platform

Rumble's Quest is a robust and reliable measure of social and emotional wellbeing for primary school children in Australia. The digital tools developed help to measure and report back to educators.

Rumble's Quest offers a scientifically validated process for assessing multiple dimensions of child wellbeing. It uses age appropriate methods that are designed to help 6-to-12 year-old children report directly about the way they experience the world.

Rumble's Quest is an effective tool for assessment, program planning, and program evaluation. It helps child-serving organisations to:

  • understand children’s strengths
  • plan supportive action in response to identified opportunities for growth
  • review the effects of those actions once undertaken.

I was chosen as the exclusive development partner for Rumble's Quest (owned by Griffith University) by Invision Media and have developed all of their digital measurement & reporting platforms that are now used by Government State Departments, Agencies, Schools, and Teachers.

Rumble’s Quest provides primary school children with an opportunity to report their own wellbeing across four domains central to their lives at this stage of development:

  • Attachment to school
  • Emotional and behavioural self-regulation
  • Social confidence with respect to peer relationships
  • Supportive environments and relationships with caring adults

The game incorporates fun tasks that challenge children to exercise executive skills such as working memory, cognitive flexibility, impulse and attention control.

A video can be found below that further explains the Rumble's Quest concept:

Rumble’s Quest is an integrated system that includes:

  • Game: A game app which children can play on desktops, laptops or iPads, and
  • Web: A backend data processing tool to process raw game data through formulas provided by lead researchers at Griffith University
  • Web: User management and licensing administration tool
  • Web: Measurement & Reporting to visualise and drill into the student's game results to see where they sit on the four domains listed above.

My role in this project is to lead & develop all of the web tools listed above for Invision Media, as well as ensure data security, and manage the hosting environment in AWS.

I also worked with Griffith University on performing static code reviews and security penetration testing to ensure that all student information is safe and secure.

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