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Get Ready for Baby Microsite

A microsite to teach first-time parents about their health care team, and how to how to raise a healthy baby. Brought to you by Brisbane South PHN.
Client & Timeline
Brisbane South PHN to Present


The Get Ready for Baby website was commissioned by Brisbane South PHN and aimed to educate first-time parents about their health care team, providing essential information on navigating pregnancy safely and raising a healthy baby.

The microsite had its initial build and release in 2019, followed by a content revamp in 2022. The revamp ensured the information remained up-to-date and incorporated improved cultural sensitivity in the space of gender pronouns, family dynamics, and religion.

RedSuit Advertising agency in Brisbane handled the design phase, and as the exclusive website development partner, I collaborated closely with them to seamlessly execute the development process.


  1. Educational Content: Effectively presenting educational content to first-time parents, ensuring it's informative and easily accessible cross-platform.

  2. Multimedia integration: Integrating written copy, audio, and video medias into the website while ensuring a smooth user experience.

  3. Cultural Sensitivity: Maintaining cultural sensitivity, especially in the context of pregnancy and parenting information.


  1. Collaborative Discovery and Strategy: Worked closely with stakeholders to understand project goals and design aspirations, establishing the foundation for the development process.

  2. Content & Sitemap Focus: Prioritised content and page sitemap, building the website around user-centric content.

  3. Wireframes and Layout (Completed by RedSuit): Collaborated with RedSuit to create wireframes based on the page structure and content, emphasising user flow and ease of use.

  4. Formal Sign-offs (Completed by RedSuit): Implemented formal sign-off processes for wireframes and design phases, ensuring alignment with project goals.

  5. Design (Completed by RedSuit): Incorporated design inspiration from the discovery stage to create a culturally sensitive and visually appealing design to the audience.

  6. Custom Development: Executed the development phase, translating the signed-off design into a functional website, implementing technical SEO, and ensuring a seamless transition with 301 redirects.

  7. Thorough Testing: Conducted cross-browser, cross-device, and responsive testing to guarantee a consistent and bug-free user experience.

  8. Seamless Launch: Launched the website without downtime, ensuring a smooth transition for users.


  1. Informative Microsite: The microsite effectively educates first-time parents about their health care team, providing valuable information on pregnancy and baby care.

  2. Culturally Sensitive Design: The collaboration with RedSuit ensured a culturally sensitive and visually appealing design, enhancing the overall user experience.

  3. Ongoing Partnership: Remaining the exclusive website development partner for Brisbane South PHN, I continue to create, maintain, and host all their website projects.

Services provided

“Jonathan and the Digital Bird team go above and beyond for their clients. They have a knack for explaining complex technical web terms in plain English and are always responsive and accessible. It has been a pleasure working with them!”
Isobel Pritchard-Davies
Corporate Communications Lead
Brisbane South PHN Logo

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