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AMA Group Ltd Corporate Website Redesign

As the exclusive development partner to AMA Group's sub-group 'ACAD', AMA Group's Corporate team chose me to redesign and develop the website along with a brand new sitemap and content strategy.
Client & Timeline
AMA Group Ltd to


As the exclusive web development partner for the publicly traded company, AMA Group, their corporate team chose me to lead the redesign and development of their website. Their main objective was to move towards a unified 'group' approach to web communications, consolidating their two websites - AMA Group Solutions and AMA Group Ltd into a single website.


  1. Outdated Design: The existing website had an outdated design that needed modernisation to align with the latest brand guidelines.

  2. Content Improvement: Enhancing content from a business and investor perspective for better user engagement.

  3. Sitemap Enhancement: Improving the page sitemap to allow for easy navigation and content discovery by users.

  4. Integration of Sub-Brands: Adding new content for the integration of sub-brands, namely Capital SMART and Automotive Parts and Services (APAS).

  5. Board and Management Presentation: Reviewing and improving the images of the board and management to be more professional.


  1. Collaborative Discovery and Strategy: Worked closely with stakeholders to understand project goals and design aspirations, laying the foundation for upcoming website phases.

  2. Content & Sitemap Focus: Prioritised the content and page sitemap to build the website around user-centric content, ensuring a seamless user experience when the website is launched.

  3. Wireframes and Layout: Created wireframes based on the page structure and content, emphasising user flow and ease of use.

  4. Formal Project Sign-offs: Implemented formal sign-off processes for wireframes and design phases to ensure alignment with project goals.

  5. Modern Design: Incorporated design inspiration from the discovery stage to create a professionally corporate yet modern design, reflecting the latest brand guidelines.

  6. Custom Development: Developed the website from the signed-off design, implemented technical SEO for high rankings, and ensured a seamless transition with 301 redirects from the old site.

  7. Thorough Testing: Completed cross-browser, cross-device, and responsive testing to guarantee a consistent and bug-free user experience.

  8. Seamless Launch: Launched the website without downtime, ensuring a smooth transition for users.


  1. Modernised Web Presence: The website underwent a successful modernisation, aligning with the latest brand guidelines for a more professional and modern corporate design.

  2. Enhanced Content: Content improvements from a business and investor perspective resulted in increased engagement and understanding.

  3. Improved Navigation: The enhanced page sitemap facilitated easy navigation and content discovery for users.

  4. Seamless Sub-Brand Integration: The addition of content for sub-brands, Capital SMART and APAS, seamlessly integrated them into the overall website structure.

  5. Professional Board and Management Presentation: The review and enhancement of board and management presentation contributed to a more professional and polished online presence.

Services provided

“Jonathan Bird is one of the best I have worked with in this space. He is responsive, clever and contributes to the brief, and most importantly, he is a great person to work with. It can be hard to find the right people who can take on something and lift it to another dimension. Jonathan does that and more.”
Mark Gold
Group Corporate Affairs

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