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Statamic is a modern, clean, and highly adaptable content management system that can run full-stack, headless, on flat files or databases, & as an static site generator. WordPress is targeted at simpler informational sites, while Statamic is designed specifically to build and manage bespoke (custom) websites, and can scale beautifully when integrated as part of an existing Laravel web application. I am an active member in the Statamic development community and have also lead and developed large Statamic sites such as Brisbane South PHN's latest website redesign, and the website you're browsing right now.

Why choose Statamic for your next project?

Modern-day Wordpress

The internet wouldn't be where it is without Wordpress, but with the direction they've chosen to go with their site builders, it's clear that Wordpress is furthering itself into the space of entry-level websites and build-your-own rather than high quality sites. Statamic is built upon Laravel - the leading PHP framework - it doesn't get much better than that.

Built on top of Laravel

One of the biggest challenges with WordPress is that it's difficult to build custom functionality well, so you end up with poor quality and often insecure plugins. With Statamic built upon Laravel, the number one PHP framework available today and the most popular backend framework on Github, this gives you access to the entire framework to build anything you want.

Flat-File Structure

Statamic utilises a flat-file structure, which means that content is stored in simple files and folders rather than a traditional database. This naturally leads to significantly faster loading times and simplified management of content.

Extensive Add-On Marketplace

Extend Statamic by building your own add-ons or using ones from the marketplace. Everything from SEO add-ons, through to 2FA and Redirects. Having a quality ecosystem means you can rely on the code that you're putting in your website.

Secure by Default

94% of the websites hacked are running WordPress (source). It is the most targeted and vulnerable content management system (CMS) on the market. Flat files can't be hacked. Quality ecosystem means quality code. And built on top of Laravel, the most secure and well-maintained PHP framework today.

Content Flexibility

Statamic provides flexible content modeling, allowing me to structure all content in a way that suits the specific needs of the project and design. This flexibility is beneficial for creating unique and tailored content structures.

Case Studies - Featured Statamic Case Studies

These showcased projects serve as a window into my expertise in the realm of Freelance Statamic Development. Carefully selected to represent a variety of solutions, they demonstrate the diverse capabilities I bring to the table.

Jonathan Bird has had a huge influence on our business providing many solutions besides just a fantastic reliable website. Jonathan is great to work with and has a solution to every challenge.

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